Mold Avoidance with Bryan Rosner

Mold Avoidance as a Bodily Function

I often strive for new ways to explain mold avoidance. Because even for me (someone with a background in medical journalism) it was hard to conceptualize mold avoidance and explain it to others. Thinking of mold avoidance as a natural bodily function is an excellent model, in my opinion. 

5 MINUTES OR LESS: Intensification is what detox feels like

"Intensification is what detox feels like." It's a line I've said many times. When you are exercising, your muscles may hurt. Sometimes, things that are uncomfortable are good for us. Find out why going to the desert might make you more sensitive to mold toxins, in this episode. 

What Success Looks Like - Profiling Experienced Avoiders

I've become good friends with a handful of successful mold avoiders who are 3, 4, 5 or more years into mold avoidance. I've begged them to come onto the show, but haven't convinced them yet! So I decided I couldn't wait any longer to interview them and instead, I put together this episode of observations I've seen among those who are "over the hump" with mold avoidance. Hopefully I can interview these folks at some point, but until then, this is the best I can do. I think this episode is really fascinating and valuable, because of the many things I've watched these folks say and do. 

When I’m Gone: How to do Mold Avoidance after the Experts Retire

When people get their health back, eventually they may get busy living life and have less time to devote to the chronic illness community. Here is my advice for people getting started, when the experts have retired. 

Why we did mold avoidance on the road - two big benefits

Many people ask me why we did our first couple of years of mold avoidance traveling, on the road in RV's. Of course, not everyone needs to do it this way. But here are two big benefits that may be more important than you realize. 

10-Minute Pep-Talk for New Avoiders: How to get Unstuck and Get Started

Taking that first step, getting to a better location, unmasking and realizing that mold is your problem, and that mold avoidance is miraculous. This can be a difficult hump for people to get over. Once they are over the hump, everything changes. This podcast is a friendly kick in the booty to help people get moving. 

RV’s are AWESOME: Why I just LOVE doing avoidance in an RV

There are many ways to do mold avoidance, and no one way is the right way. Hotels, RV's, tent camping, and more. But for me, RV's were the best tool for the job, and made our mold avoidance adventure fun, exciting, efficient and comfortable. 

My wife joins me to set the record straight: You can heal in less-than-pristine places!

It is easy to forget that we made GREAT strides in healing progress early in mold avoidance, even though I had never done any homework and didn't read any books. I literally thought that "mold avoidance" was "going south out of the snow for the winter." In this episode, Leila joins me on the podcast to remind me about our early mold avoidance days. The takeaway message: don't be intimidated by all of the information and experienced mold avoiders. Just get out there and start healing, it really is easy. 

Surprising Food & Diet Hacks for Mold Avoidance

You don't want to miss this episode. Everything I knew - and FELT - about food, changed right before my eyes as I pursued mold avoidance, especially after the first year or two of healing. It is AMAZING how many things changed. Don't learn these lessons the hard way - get on the fast track with these diet secrets, hacks, tips & tricks. 

MOLD AVOIDANCE SKILLS SERIES: How to Rent Private Property for Camping and RV Parking

OK, now THIS is something you can use. Campgrounds, RV parks and BLM land are great resources, but I found that deep healing (and stability and dignity) really came from being able to rent, and park our RV on, private property, for longer term periods (3 to 6 months). In this episode I will share some of the lessons, tips, and hacks I have learned for locating ideal private property candidates. And then, how to evaluate, secure, and make the best of these situations. Of all the mold avoidance skills I learned, this was one of the most helpful. I am not going to cover PURCHASING private property in this episode. That is something that comes later and requires a whole different set of skills and especially, COMMITTMENT. 

Should I Kill Infections or Detox?

I almost didn't publish this episode, because I am hoping that people have already heard this message from my other materials. But this message is so fundamental - and I still hear daily from people that they do not understand it - that I couldn't avoid sharing this information again. Maybe this time, it will get through to a few folks who need it. Because this information is SO HARD to internalize, in our current medical and environmental climate in developed society. We really need to hear it over and over in order to have even a small chance of believing it. 

MOLD AVOIDANCE SKILLS SERIES: Distinguishing between good location detox sympoms and actual mold exposure

I've had a lot of requests for this episode. It's a long one, but so important. How does one tell the difference between detox symptoms which may occur in a good location, vs. symptoms experienced as a result of mold exposure? 

Yet Another Miracle with Mold Avoidance

Last year, I created a file on our Facebook discussion group (if you haven't joined the group already, you can do so by searching Facebook for "Practical Mold Avoidance" group). In this file, I listed a few amazing, objective, fascinating improvements I have experienced doing mold avoidance. Today I am sharing yet another one of these improvements. This all helps me build my case for the "singularity of mold avoidance." 

RV vs. Tiny Home vs. Cargo Trailer ?

Obviously, there are a lot of considerations that go into this discussion. Here are a few thoughts. I have now more or less tried all three of these options. 

Why are we so driven to avoid small amounts of mold?

Is mold reactivity a good thing? Why does our body send us such a strong message telling us to steer clear of mold? Is this a brain misfire, or is mold somehow extremely toxic to us? Why isn’t it so toxic to others? Find out in this episode. 

The Singularity of Mold Avoidance

If you have a broken leg, do you take vitamin C and do Yoga? No. You take care of the broken leg. This paradigm is very difficult for mold illness patients to transfer to the idea that MOLD is what is causing illness. I made this podcast to help folks trudge across this intellectual isn't easy. But you can do it!

3 Years of Avoidance and 3 Variables That Finally Converge

When I first started mold avoidance, the burning question I had was: what will this all look like in three years? When does the chaos and uncertainty give way to something more normal and predictable? It turns out that the answer lies in the convergence of these three variables: Tolerance, Willingness and Avoidance Skills. Think of these as three lines on a line graph over time. Early on, the lines are all far apart, which causes chaos in life (but also deep healing). Later on, the lines get close and closer and finally converge. 

The Clue That Matters

I’m always looking for new ways to explain mold avoidance, because it is such an unusual approach. Here’s something that you can sink your teeth into.

5 Lessons Learned After 12 Bad Months

In the last 12 months, mold avoidance has been much harder than average. Two rental houses and an rv went bad, and much much more. What have I learned?

RV Tips for Mold Avoidance: Avoiding Catastrophic RV Mistakes

From time to time, I'll be making podcasts which help mold avoiders be successful living in RV's. Note that these tips will NOT replace standard RV knowledge, skills, driving safety, and general mechanical aptitude. In other words, I'm not teaching you how to handle and use an RV in general. I will be focusing ONLY on specific topics related to mold avoidance. I strongly suggest that before anyone purchase an RV, they become well-versed in safe and efficient operation of RV's. If you are considering purchasing an RV, there are many ways to learn about safe RV operation, including, but not limited to, searching YouTube for "rv basics for beginners." 

Tips for new mold avoiders

If you are just getting started - or even experienced - these tips are very important! 


FRAT is one of the most important toxins for you to learn about. This podcast episode was inspired by some recent run-in's I've had with FRAT, so the bad boy is fresh on my mind. Remember that an understanding of this topic isn't achieved by listening to a single podcast. I have decided that the goal of this podcast episode is to equip you to do further research; in other words, to give you the insight to know which questions to ask. So now, go ask some experienced mold avoiders more about FRAT :) 

Musings from the road: 8,000 miles in 4 weeks…scouting for a new location

Just some musings from the road on my 16-hour-per-day scouting road trip. Just to be clear, this podcast does NOT cover ALL of what I've learned and what you would need to know to do something like this. It is more of a "coffee table chat" with some initial thoughts. Perhaps, more later. 

MOLD AVOIDANCE SKILLS SERIES: Warning signs and after effects of toxins

When learning mold avoidance, there are a lot of things fighting for your attention. Books, videos, opinions, new belongings, moving housing, and more. So it can be hard to focus on what really matters. But trust me, learning about the importance of warning signs and after effects of various mold toxins is CRITICAL. Failure to focus on these points can really hold up progress. 

When do we get to go back to a “normal life” in civilization?

This is one of the most often asked questions! When can we stop doing mold avoidance and go back to how things used to be? Find out in today's episode... 

What’s been bitch-slapping me and what will I do about it?

Two years ago I would have said this podcast title is too rude and edgy. But now I don't think it is strong enough. If a tidal wave or avalanche is coming, I want you to YELL in my ear, not just have a calm civilized discussion with me. Probably one of the MOST IMPORTANT mold avoidance skills is to recognize that mold avoidance isn't what we want it to be. It is what it is. It actually DOES work, but you don't get to make up the rules. We all try so hard to make up our own rules during the first year or two, because we are used to "mixing and matching" bullshit alternative health protocols that don't work. But mold avoidance takes hold of you, and starts to dictate how you go forward. Find out what I mean in this podcast. 

MOLD AVOIDANCE SKILLS SERIES: Making Flexibility Effortless

This episode is part of the mold avoidance skills series. Today's topic is flexibility, and why flexibility is needed to succeed with mold avoidance. Furthermore, we aren't just looking for flexibility, we are looking for EFFORTLESS flexibility. I will share some examples and practical tips. 

Why is “tent in the desert” detox needed to heal?

This phenomenon has always fascinated me! It is at the core of mold avoidance. Why does the body need the most pristine places to keep the healing process moving forward, even while supplements, sauna, dietary changes, and other detox modalities fall short? Today I will share my thoughts on this and dive a little deeper into this concept. Please note that you will need to listen to my other podcast episodes, also, to get a full picture of this phenomenon. 

Mold Reactivity is Not What You Think It Is

Mold "Reactivity" can easily be misunderstood as something much more innocent than what it actually is. Listen to this episode to find out why mold reactivity is so important. 

MOLD AVOIDANCE SKILLS SERIES: Introduction to Mold Avoidance Skills

Most of my podcast episodes are about WHY to do mold avoidance. The "why's" of mold avoidance are fascinating to me, and deserve a massive amount of attention and coverage. So, I've probably neglected the topic of actually HOW to do mold avoidance. Now, I am certainly not the leading expert on this topic - I've been pursuing mold avoidance for 2.5 years (as of the time this episode was made). Others have many more years experience. But in this new series, I am going to share with you what I have learned so far. 

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