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Doing mold avoidance changes the body in some pretty amazing ways. For example, I no longer needed any of my supplements after starting mold avoidance. Yet, my body wanted ozone therapy more than ever before. Why? Find out in this podcast. 

If you are new to the concept of mold avoidance, PLEASE listen to this episode - especially if you have Lyme disease! I was on a major roll when I made this, and I think it has a LOT of really paradigm-shifting information. Share this with your Lyme friends who are in the throes of Lyme treatment! This changes EVERYTHING....

Of course, some people may have an allergy to molds. But the kind of mold toxicity that causes chronic illness is a WHOLE different ballgame. Here's why. And, here's why this is important. 

(10 minute listen time) In our politically-correct modern world, it is just sort of accepted that everyone "deserves to be heard out." All of our opinions "matter." But what if so many opinions are being shared, that the actual truth of the matter is being drowned out? That is exactly what happens when new mold avoiders try to bring their preconceived notions into the classroom. For new mold avoiders, it is a time to listen, and not speak; a time to be a student and learn. Why? Listen to this episode to find out...

I am not an expert on CCI. I haven't studied it much at all. However, I've been observing and listening to the community, and I had an interesting experience of my own which I would like to share. I hope you find this episode informative. Please note: I am not a doctor. This podcast is my own personal opinion, for informational purposes only. 

This is a podcast for those short on time. It is my proposal to you for why it is worth your time to check out mold avoidance. 

I find that providing (or referring people to) good educational materials about mold avoidance is EASY. The hard part is getting people to the point where they are open-minded about mold avoidance. I'm pointing the finger at myself as much as anyone else - I didn't look into this for a loooooong time. And, I think Lyme patients have GOOD REASON to be reluctant to hear about "just another thing" to add to their recovery process. However, I feel like this podcast episode could really help people to understand why mold avoidance is so important. I realize this episode is a bit long, but I think it is worth it. Please feel free to leave any feedback you think is important. You can leave feedback here, or tag me on our Facebook group, Practical Mold Avoidance. 

Also, please share this with your Lyme groups!

In this episode I will fill people in on my current thinking with regard to "better housing" for mold-sensitive individuals, and how I've made a shift from "perfectly mold free" to "easy to remediate and rebuild." I will also update people on the custom tiny home / RV I am building for mold avoidance purposes, and talk about which factors I am prioritizing in this build-out. Here are photos of my custom RV build as well as the truck camper which I discuss in this podcast: Photo Album Custom RV

Mold avoidance is such an unusual approach to healing that many people write it off as being unscientific. But, if we look at history, we can easily see that many breakthroughs seemed "strange" when they were first discovered. As a medical journalist, I have special access to many medical and scientific professionals, and I want to share with you some of the evidence I've found which supports the scientific validity of mold avoidance as an extremely important medical approach. 

[Interview starts around 20 seconds in]

Karen Dean is one of those mold avoiders who succeeded in defeating mold illness and moved on with her life, and doesn't participate as much on the Mold Forums. I became fascinated with Karen's story because after being pushed into a corner by conventional housing, my family has decided that metal housing is the only way to go.

Karen has successfully lived in metal housing for years now, and after speaking with her on the phone briefly, I decided that what she had to say was so important that I wanted to make an interview out of it. Please enjoy this episode with Karen, and stop by the Practical Mold Avoidance forum to say hi to her personally! Thanks Karen, for being there to share with us!

Here is an image of Karen's actual metal houses: 



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