Mold Avoidance with Bryan Rosner

For the SKEPTICS: Why we know mold avoidance is real

This episode is for family, friends, parents, who are skeptical of the various aspects of extreme mold avoidance. This topic is near-and-dear to my heart, because I myself spent DECADES wandering the halls of endless Lyme disease treatments and empty promises. 

Parasites! Oh no! With Mold! What Now?

What people "know" about parasites COMPLETELY CHANGES in the context of adequate mold avoidance (big surprise right?). It's a "brave new world" when you talk about the two subjects at the same time. Hopefully this podcast sheds some light and "reveals" what's hiding below. Be sure to listen to the end.

Choose Your Slam: Which Dragon Should You Fight?

I was doing a livestream video on the FB group that I co-lead tonight, and the topic was housing. However, half way through the stream I realized that I stumbled upon a new way to explain a CRITICAL mold avoidance lesson. I'm calling it, "choose your slam." This episode is a banger! 

Why you need a mold avoidance mentor, and how to find one

Just like you can't read a book on scuba diving and then go do it (you need a teacher), I also feel you need a mold avoidance mentor. Many people seem "stuck" when it comes to finding a mentor or two, so here is how I did it, and why it helped me so much. Disclaimer: I DO NOT suggest people seek mold avoidance mentoring in place of medical care. I am strictly limiting the definition of "mentor" here to NON-MEDICAL aspects, such as managing an RV, dealing with mold contamination, etc. Seek a real doctor if you have medical problems.

Intensification, Primary Toxins, Secondary Toxins, Oh My!

I haven't made a podcast in about 6 months, but I get so many questions on these topics that I wanted to put some data in one central location for those seeking my opinion on these topics. This episode is NOT really a "beginner" episode... my podcast spans topics ranging from complete newb to more advanced. 

Mold Secrets You Won’t Hear From A Doctor

A well-known doctor recently said that extreme mold avoidance may be needed for some people. That was a great vindication, and needed progress! Still though, it isn't enough. This episode also discusses my experience with various treatments and therapies in early mold avoidance.

New to Mold Avoidance? You NEED to Hear This…

If I would have known this one fact 10 years ago, I could have prevented endless suffering and wasted time. It is my hope that this podcast episode would be widely shared among family, friends, and loved ones, of those who are suffering today. As well as (in a perfect world) researchers and doctors.

Is This One Thing Blocking Your Recovery?

This one thing is completely neutralizing peoples' odds of recovering. It impacted me in a massive way, and is probably impacting you too.

Intro to Mold Avoidance (in 10 Minutes or Less)

Finally, a podcast episode for brand new beginners! This is the "A to Z" of mold avoidance basics. For new folks who have no idea what this is all about. Obviously, I had to skip over many important details for such a short podcast episode, but I felt that we were about due for a birds-eye-view look at the process. 

Being ”masked” vs. ”high on the power curve” & why it matters

I haven't made one of my longer, in-depth podcast episodes in months. This one delves deeper into the mechanics of mold avoidance. The details are everything, here. This episode should be helpful to new avoiders as well as those further along. 

5 MINUTES OR LESS: The Butterfly Effect in Mold Avoidance

Is it possible that the mold avoidance crossroads we face now, might have much bigger consequences than we realize? The butterfly effect is a principle in physics where the small act of a butterfly flapping its wings might have big consequences around the world.

Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Oh My!

How many backup plans should we have? In this episode I share some rambling thoughts on this topic based on our experience with 6 RV's, 3 rental houses, and countless hotels and AIR B n B's. 

Confronting the Illusion of Choice & How to Have Good Outcomes in MA

This is a lesson that has been so fundamental to my progress, that I almost forgot to even articulate it. Like, it's been built into the very fabric of my mold avoidance journey. I am finally trying to explain it to you, today! 

A Common Beginner Mistake: “Doing the Bare Minimum”

Looking back over my own 4 years of mold avoidance, I have identified this as being an important mistake to look out for - both in my own journey, and those I have seen. Sometimes, the easy way out is actually the hard way out! 

6 RV’s in 4 years: summary of lessons I’ve learned

I realized that a lot of the articles, videos and blog posts I have created about our RV mold avoidance journey, are now a few years old and buried in the archives. So I wanted to create a fresh episode that summarizes lessons I've learned about doing avoidance in RV's. However, please cautiously note that this episode is JUST A SUMMARY. Reference my YouTube, other podcast episodes, blog, and articles, for more details on RV's.

You say potato, I say pototo - Doing MA that works for YOUR family

This episode is the culmination of something I've been trying to put my finger on for months. The question was: "why do I look back and am glad that we didn't have the books or the group early on?" I really think you'll enjoy this episode. The information was critical for me. 

Most Important Episode Ever: What Alex Honnold Can Teach Us

I really think today's message is just about the most important message I can convey about mold avoidance. Alex Honnold, who free-soloed the monstrous rock "El Capitan" in Yosemite, has taught me a thing or two. NOTE: The original inspiration for the Alex Honnold analogy comes from Lisa Petrison, PhD, of Paradigm Change Foundation, so I want to give her credit for this idea. 

MOLD AVOIDANCE SKILLS SERIES: One amazing trick I’ve learned over the years

This single mold avoidance skill has served me extremely well. Of course, it isn't ALWAYS accurate. The 90/10 rule applies to this just like anything else in life (no strategy is perfect). But I felt like sharing this with you guys. Remember, if you're new to the podcast, start off by listening to older episodes FIRST.

They still don’t understand why I say “Mold Avoidance is Awesome”

I haven't made a podcast in a while. It's all there; I've said everything you need to know. Just go listen. However, this topic comes up over and over, so I wanted to clarify it once and for all. Many people still don't know what I mean when I say "mold avoidance is awesome." DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. This podcast is for informational purposes only. 

Is mold reactivity bad?

This theme needs to be repeated over and over. However, remember that if you are new to my podcast, you should start listening to the EARLIEST episodes first. 

You have to Survive before you can Thrive

"When can I live a normal life?", many people ask. Well, let's start with the basics. It is hard to live a normal life if you can't even survive. You have to Survive before you can Thrive. 

FREmedica Wave 1 device - My Experience

You guys know that I prefer minimal treatments during mold avoidance. In fact, currently (3.5 years into avoidance) I've given up 99% of all medical treatments. Today, though, I'm talking about one of the few modalities which DID help me during early mold avoidance: the FREmedica Wave 1. You can get 10% off the device by using code BIOMED, if you're interested. 

Why Intensification Isn’t Scary (But Mold Hits Feel More “Intense”)

This topic is SO SO SO SO misunderstood. Intensification itself is blissful. It is the body FINALLY feeling better and healing. It isn't scary. However, in order for the body to do the heavy lifting and heal, the body's defenses are "lowered." This makes one more susceptible to mold hits. This is why it is intense. But the season of healing itself - intensification - is quite joyful and rewarding. Which is why people do it in the first place :) 

Mold Avoidance as a Hail Mary Pass (Think: Football)

Are we blessed, or cursed? Is life good, or bad? Is the glass half empty, or half full? You have to admit that just about ANY circumstance can be seen through either polarity. In this episode I am going to talk about the reality of my near-death experience, and why I think mold avoidance is a blessing. 

New here? Start with this episode!

My podcast is getting big with dozens of episodes. Not all episodes are tailored toward beginners. This is a good one to start with, and not too long. Also, this episode mentions some other episodes you can listen to in order to get started. What are we focusing on today? First of all, on REALIZING that mold avoidance is a massive paradigm shift. Then, on HOW to help transition into the new paradigm (because it isn't always easy or intuitive). If you're not new to mold avoidance, you can skip this episode! 

5 MINUTES OR LESS: Choose Your Hard

I can't believe I never published this episode; I found it in my drafts from a few months ago. This might be one of my favorite concepts of all time. And when you listen to this, don't forget to evaluate your life not just as of TODAY, but also looking forward 2, 5, 10 years from now. Choose Your Hard! 

My Relationship with Exercise During Sickness, Intensification & Recovery

Although exercise is kind of a boring topic and one that we are very familiar with if we've read Erik's work, I actually found quite a few surprises, twists & turns, and lessons related to this topic. So I feel that this podcast episode is packed with insights that go a lot deeper than simply using exercise to detox. Hope you enjoy it! 

MOLD AVOIDANCE SKILLS SERIES: What the Power Curve Feels Like

One of my mentors said, "the goal of mold avoidance is to eventually be able to detox in less and less good locations." Which makes a lot of sense: early on, we require really insanely pristine areas to heal. Obviously, it wouldn't be ideal to stay like that forever. So as you progress through avoidance, the "win" is to be able to have that kind of detox occur, but in imperfect locations. This is where the power curve comes in. 

5 MINUTES OR LESS: The Good News and the Bad News about How Sick You Are

When I was super sick, it was always alarming how the "latest and greatest" therapies didn't do much for me. I knew I was much, much sicker than the people who were helped by those therapies. So, when mold avoidance started working (but when it also was taking forever to heal with mold avoidance) I was encouraged. I knew I was very sick and I knew the right medicine would not be a quick fix.

5 MINUTES OR LESS: Mold Avoidance as a Bodily Function Part 2

Listen up! No one is listening to this. Mold avoidance is a bodily function. It is like your pancreas. We don't all make flowery "you do you" Instagram posts about our pancreas. The pancreas just does what it does. Mold avoidance isn't something you make up and express your creativity with. It is a function you learn how to understand. Skip this episode if you already get it :) 

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