Mold Avoidance with Bryan Rosner

Interview with Karen Dean - Metal Housing for Mold Avoiders

October 8, 2019

[Interview starts around 20 seconds in]

Karen Dean is one of those mold avoiders who succeeded in defeating mold illness and moved on with her life, and doesn't participate as much on the Mold Forums. I became fascinated with Karen's story because after being pushed into a corner by conventional housing, my family has decided that metal housing is the only way to go.

Karen has successfully lived in metal housing for years now, and after speaking with her on the phone briefly, I decided that what she had to say was so important that I wanted to make an interview out of it. Please enjoy this episode with Karen, and stop by the Practical Mold Avoidance forum to say hi to her personally! Thanks Karen, for being there to share with us!

Here is an image of Karen's actual metal houses: