Mold Avoidance with Bryan Rosner

MOLD AVOIDANCE SKILLS SERIES: How to Rent Private Property for Camping and RV Parking

September 26, 2020

OK, now THIS is something you can use. Campgrounds, RV parks and BLM land are great resources, but I found that deep healing (and stability and dignity) really came from being able to rent, and park our RV on, private property, for longer term periods (3 to 6 months). In this episode I will share some of the lessons, tips, and hacks I have learned for locating ideal private property candidates. And then, how to evaluate, secure, and make the best of these situations. Of all the mold avoidance skills I learned, this was one of the most helpful. I am not going to cover PURCHASING private property in this episode. That is something that comes later and requires a whole different set of skills and especially, COMMITTMENT.