Mold Avoidance with Bryan Rosner

Mold + Chemicals = Supertoxins

July 10, 2019

There has been a lot of confusion lately about what keeps people with mold illness from recovering. There is a lot of talk of chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, nuclear waste, fragrances). And there is a lot of talk of mold. But there is still confusion. Because the mold toxins we call "super toxins" are actually a mix of BOTH chemicals AND mold. When the mold gets a hold of the chemicals, the mold produces particularly bad mycotoxins. 

In this podcast episode I will shed light on this confusing topic and help to identify which toxins matter, and which toxins are merely a nuisance. 

If you haven't already, I also highly recommend you reading this foundational article: Outdoor Toxins of Particular Relevance to Mold Illness Patients