Mold Avoidance with Bryan Rosner

5 Lessons Learned After 12 Bad Months

In the last 12 months, mold avoidance has been much harder than average. Two rental houses and an rv went bad, and much much more. What have I learned?

RV Tips for Mold Avoidance: Avoiding Catastrophic RV Mistakes

From time to time, I'll be making podcasts which help mold avoiders be successful living in RV's. Note that these tips will NOT replace standard RV knowledge, skills, driving safety, and general mechanical aptitude. In other words, I'm not teaching you how to handle and use an RV in general. I will be focusing ONLY on specific topics related to mold avoidance. I strongly suggest that before anyone purchase an RV, they become well-versed in safe and efficient operation of RV's. If you are considering purchasing an RV, there are many ways to learn about safe RV operation, including, but not limited to, searching YouTube for "rv basics for beginners." 

Tips for new mold avoiders

If you are just getting started - or even experienced - these tips are very important! 


FRAT is one of the most important toxins for you to learn about. This podcast episode was inspired by some recent run-in's I've had with FRAT, so the bad boy is fresh on my mind. Remember that an understanding of this topic isn't achieved by listening to a single podcast. I have decided that the goal of this podcast episode is to equip you to do further research; in other words, to give you the insight to know which questions to ask. So now, go ask some experienced mold avoiders more about FRAT :) 

Musings from the road: 8,000 miles in 4 weeks…scouting for a new location

Just some musings from the road on my 16-hour-per-day scouting road trip. Just to be clear, this podcast does NOT cover ALL of what I've learned and what you would need to know to do something like this. It is more of a "coffee table chat" with some initial thoughts. Perhaps, more later. 

MOLD AVOIDANCE SKILLS SERIES: Warning signs and after effects of toxins

When learning mold avoidance, there are a lot of things fighting for your attention. Books, videos, opinions, new belongings, moving housing, and more. So it can be hard to focus on what really matters. But trust me, learning about the importance of warning signs and after effects of various mold toxins is CRITICAL. Failure to focus on these points can really hold up progress. 

When do we get to go back to a “normal life” in civilization?

This is one of the most often asked questions! When can we stop doing mold avoidance and go back to how things used to be? Find out in today's episode... 

What’s been bitch-slapping me and what will I do about it?

Two years ago I would have said this podcast title is too rude and edgy. But now I don't think it is strong enough. If a tidal wave or avalanche is coming, I want you to YELL in my ear, not just have a calm civilized discussion with me. Probably one of the MOST IMPORTANT mold avoidance skills is to recognize that mold avoidance isn't what we want it to be. It is what it is. It actually DOES work, but you don't get to make up the rules. We all try so hard to make up our own rules during the first year or two, because we are used to "mixing and matching" bullshit alternative health protocols that don't work. But mold avoidance takes hold of you, and starts to dictate how you go forward. Find out what I mean in this podcast. 

MOLD AVOIDANCE SKILLS SERIES: Making Flexibility Effortless

This episode is part of the mold avoidance skills series. Today's topic is flexibility, and why flexibility is needed to succeed with mold avoidance. Furthermore, we aren't just looking for flexibility, we are looking for EFFORTLESS flexibility. I will share some examples and practical tips. 

Why is “tent in the desert” detox needed to heal?

This phenomenon has always fascinated me! It is at the core of mold avoidance. Why does the body need the most pristine places to keep the healing process moving forward, even while supplements, sauna, dietary changes, and other detox modalities fall short? Today I will share my thoughts on this and dive a little deeper into this concept. Please note that you will need to listen to my other podcast episodes, also, to get a full picture of this phenomenon. 

Mold Reactivity is Not What You Think It Is

Mold "Reactivity" can easily be misunderstood as something much more innocent than what it actually is. Listen to this episode to find out why mold reactivity is so important. 

MOLD AVOIDANCE SKILLS SERIES: Introduction to Mold Avoidance Skills

Most of my podcast episodes are about WHY to do mold avoidance. The "why's" of mold avoidance are fascinating to me, and deserve a massive amount of attention and coverage. So, I've probably neglected the topic of actually HOW to do mold avoidance. Now, I am certainly not the leading expert on this topic - I've been pursuing mold avoidance for 2.5 years (as of the time this episode was made). Others have many more years experience. But in this new series, I am going to share with you what I have learned so far. 

How can a city, neighborhood or area be “bad”?

This is such a huge point of confusion in mold avoidance - that the mold making you sick may not just be in your house, but could be in the outdoor air. This is a massive PARADIGM SHIFT. And a life-saving one. This podcast tackles the topic head-on, as a birds-eye-view summary.

So. Darn. Toxic.

Only 3 minutes for this episode! What if...the amount of mold toxicity inside you is thousands of times more than anyone could have possibly imagined or dreamed, and when you get it all out you turn into an entirely different person? Seems impossible, right? Well, this was exactly what happened to me.

Clues that “mold is the master toxin” in many illnesses + practical implications

The question of whether or not mold is the "master toxin" causing many illnesses could easily be written off as impractical and philosophical. But as you will see in today's podcast, this question has more practical, life-saving implications than any other question we could be asking. This podcast examines a few reasons why I think Erik Johnson was right about his discovery 30 years ago, and why this matters so much. 

How long is recovery and what is “Intensification”?

I think this COULD BE my most important podcast episode ever (or at least, the deepest-dive into the nitty-gritty of mold avoidance). I know it is long - 40 minutes - but I personally think some very worthwhile topics were covered. Please enjoy.

The Ugly Truth About Your House

What's inside your walls? Sort of a "boring" topic that might be keeping you sick despite all your organic food, supplements and Yoga. Today we "journey to the center of your walls" and I share truths about housing which it took me over 2 years to fully grasp. 

Ozone Therapy for Mold - What’s the Deal?

Doing mold avoidance changes the body in some pretty amazing ways. For example, I no longer needed any of my supplements after starting mold avoidance. Yet, my body wanted ozone therapy more than ever before. Why? Find out in this podcast. 

This changes EVERYTHING! Is Lyme Disease an Environmental Illness? (Must Listen!)

If you are new to the concept of mold avoidance, PLEASE listen to this episode - especially if you have Lyme disease! I was on a major roll when I made this, and I think it has a LOT of really paradigm-shifting information. Share this with your Lyme friends who are in the throes of Lyme treatment! This changes EVERYTHING....

Mold Allergy or Mold Toxicity? And Why It Matters!

Of course, some people may have an allergy to molds. But the kind of mold toxicity that causes chronic illness is a WHOLE different ballgame. Here's why. And, here's why this is important. 

Time to Listen, not Speak - Becoming a Student of Mold Avoidance

(10 minute listen time) In our politically-correct modern world, it is just sort of accepted that everyone "deserves to be heard out." All of our opinions "matter." But what if so many opinions are being shared, that the actual truth of the matter is being drowned out? That is exactly what happens when new mold avoiders try to bring their preconceived notions into the classroom. For new mold avoiders, it is a time to listen, and not speak; a time to be a student and learn. Why? Listen to this episode to find out...

CCI: Bryan’s initial thoughts + a personal experience

I am not an expert on CCI. I haven't studied it much at all. However, I've been observing and listening to the community, and I had an interesting experience of my own which I would like to share. I hope you find this episode informative. Please note: I am not a doctor. This podcast is my own personal opinion, for informational purposes only. 

The ONE MINUTE Podcast - Yes, One Minute Only

This is a podcast for those short on time. It is my proposal to you for why it is worth your time to check out mold avoidance. 

Why is it hard for Lyme patients to understand Mold Avoidance?

I find that providing (or referring people to) good educational materials about mold avoidance is EASY. The hard part is getting people to the point where they are open-minded about mold avoidance. I'm pointing the finger at myself as much as anyone else - I didn't look into this for a loooooong time. And, I think Lyme patients have GOOD REASON to be reluctant to hear about "just another thing" to add to their recovery process. However, I feel like this podcast episode could really help people to understand why mold avoidance is so important. I realize this episode is a bit long, but I think it is worth it. Please feel free to leave any feedback you think is important. You can leave feedback here, or tag me on our Facebook group, Practical Mold Avoidance. 

Also, please share this with your Lyme groups!

Housing: Mold-Free or Easy-To-Remediate? Plus: Update on Custom RV Build

In this episode I will fill people in on my current thinking with regard to "better housing" for mold-sensitive individuals, and how I've made a shift from "perfectly mold free" to "easy to remediate and rebuild." I will also update people on the custom tiny home / RV I am building for mold avoidance purposes, and talk about which factors I am prioritizing in this build-out. Here are photos of my custom RV build as well as the truck camper which I discuss in this podcast: Photo Album Custom RV

Is Mold Avoidance Scientific?

Mold avoidance is such an unusual approach to healing that many people write it off as being unscientific. But, if we look at history, we can easily see that many breakthroughs seemed "strange" when they were first discovered. As a medical journalist, I have special access to many medical and scientific professionals, and I want to share with you some of the evidence I've found which supports the scientific validity of mold avoidance as an extremely important medical approach. 

Interview with Karen Dean - Metal Housing for Mold Avoiders

[Interview starts around 20 seconds in]

Karen Dean is one of those mold avoiders who succeeded in defeating mold illness and moved on with her life, and doesn't participate as much on the Mold Forums. I became fascinated with Karen's story because after being pushed into a corner by conventional housing, my family has decided that metal housing is the only way to go.

Karen has successfully lived in metal housing for years now, and after speaking with her on the phone briefly, I decided that what she had to say was so important that I wanted to make an interview out of it. Please enjoy this episode with Karen, and stop by the Practical Mold Avoidance forum to say hi to her personally! Thanks Karen, for being there to share with us!

Here is an image of Karen's actual metal houses: 



Danger Ahead! Which Molds Should We Avoid?

This is maybe my most important podcast yet! Which mold is important to avoid? There are so many misconceptions around this topic. I've been wanting to make this podcast for a long time, I hope you find it to be beneficial! Please listen to my previous podcasts too; they all build on each other and are meant to be listened to together. 

Mold Avoidance: The Key to Deep Healing for Very Sick People

Recently, I've been asked to help the friends and loved ones of mold avoiders understand why mold avoidance is so important. I completely understand why people are skeptical of mold avoidance! It is a strange and unusual thing to do, and without very good reason, it would not be justifiable.  

So, this episode of my podcast has two goals: First, it will help loved ones and family to understand the deeper health problems which are beneath the surface in people who react to mold. And second, it will explain why we need to pursue mold avoidance in order to address these issues. 

You can also watch this video on how mold avoidance changed my life. And, you can read my new book on the same topic. Of course, for people new to this topic, I also recommend the book, Back from the Edge, by Erik Johnson and Lisa Petrison, PhD. 

Mold + Chemicals = Supertoxins

There has been a lot of confusion lately about what keeps people with mold illness from recovering. There is a lot of talk of chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, nuclear waste, fragrances). And there is a lot of talk of mold. But there is still confusion. Because the mold toxins we call "super toxins" are actually a mix of BOTH chemicals AND mold. When the mold gets a hold of the chemicals, the mold produces particularly bad mycotoxins. 

In this podcast episode I will shed light on this confusing topic and help to identify which toxins matter, and which toxins are merely a nuisance. 

If you haven't already, I also highly recommend you reading this foundational article: Outdoor Toxins of Particular Relevance to Mold Illness Patients

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